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Torchlight 3 with ARPG legend Max Schaefer


Torchlight 3 leaves Early Access and hits 1.0 on Steam today, so what the hell, let’s play the game with Echtra Games CEO and ARPG veteran Max Schaefer. This guy’s been making pointing and clicking on monsters to explode them an elementally good feeling since the early days, working on some of the greats, from Diablo to the original Torchlight.

So listen in as we talk about Torchlight 3’s strange transition from free-to-play Torchlight Frontiers into a more traditional pay once-and-done ARPG, its journey through Early Access up against some big problems, and all about the invisible design tricks that make for good ARPGs.

We also dig into where Torchlight 3 fits into the larger, ever more crowded ARPG space, and how the tight knit ARPG developer scene gets along. These folks go way back. And if you’re already a Torchlight 3 fan, Max drops a few hints about what to expect post-release.

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