Switch Lite Joy-Cons Already Breaking – Inside Gaming Roundup


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[Digital Trends] Nintendo is already working on new Switch Lite model amid Joy-Con drift concerns tinyurl.com/y5ars5wq
[Youtube, Spawn Wave] I Took Apart The Nintendo Switch Lite…Here’s What’s Insidetinyurl.com/y57qoqtg
[Youtube, Alexis Javier] Nintendo switch lite drifting analog sticks already tinyurl.com/y4ncvs6t
[VG 247] The class-action lawsuit against Switch Joy-Con drift is open to Switch Lite owners now too tinyurl.com/y4zy6c4o
[Gizmodo] A Story About Two Tiny, Fuzzy Photos of a ‘PlayStation 5 Prototype’ [Updated]tinyurl.com/yy8jjb38
[Kotaku] EA Website Leaks Personal Details Of FIFA Playerstinyurl.com/yyr3sdsy
[Twitter] @GeorgeHughes tinyurl.com/y37kqoxl
[ABC] Untitled Goose Game Melbourne-based creators stunned after topping Nintendo charts tinyurl.com/yyetm5n7
[Twitter] @cabel tinyurl.com/y2ng8l2t
[Twitter] @cabel tinyurl.com/y22y3eqp
[The Guardian] Revealed: global video games giants avoiding millions in UK tax tinyurl.com/y3u75jzj

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