Haunted Halloween Spooky Dynamic Theme – Trailer | PS4



As is our (now) yearly tradition, we’re happy to announce this fun little theme to celebrate the start of the Halloween season. Featuring a 3-D Jack ‘o Lantern set in a lonely haunted forest at night, utilizing entirely 3-D assets created using photogrammetry as well as procedural texturing. Additionally, this theme features 5.1 surround haunted audio effects, custom key-tones, season-appropriate icon skins and maybe a couple of surprises …

… Was that too obscure? I’m being too obscure. That last part was like a big obvious WINK that there’s some creepy stuff in the theme. Not too crazy but, you know, the good kind of spooky. And no, none of that’s in the video. And yeah, it was kind of freaking me out when we had to test it so, I guess, enjoy!

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