Borderlands 3 Causing Xbox Consoles to Overheat – Inside Gaming Roundup


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[WCCFTech] Borderlands 3 Xbox One X Patch to Fix Shut Down Due to Overheating in the Works, 2K Confirms
[Youtube, Skilik] Borderlands 3 Xbox One X Crash
[Reddit] 2K on Borderlands 3 shutting down XboneX. They are aware, no ETA for a fix.
[Borderlands] BORDERLANDS 3 PATCH: SEPTEMBER 26, 2019
[Take-Two Games] Borderlands® 3 Redefines Mayhem; Establishes Franchise as Billion Dollar Global Brand
[Twitter] @DuvalMagic
[Twitter] @Yinyangfooey
[US Gamer] The Last of Us Part 2 Won’t Have Multiplayer After All [Update]
[Twitter] @naughty_dog
[Games Radar] Anthem’s Cataclysm event quietly returns after players complain of nothing else to do
[Games Industry dot biz] Yacht Club Games bids farewell to Shovel Knight
[Digital Trends] Video game companies pledge to fight climate change at the UN. Is it enough?

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