ID@Xbox Game Pass Fall 2019


We’re excited to bring you the ID@Xbox Game Pass Fall 2019 showcase, where you’ll hear about more great ID@Xbox games coming to Xbox Game Pass. We’ll share looks at gameplay as well as some interviews in which you’ll hear more about upcoming games that will be day one premieres in to Xbox Game Pass!

0:12 – Genesis Noir
1:41 – Munchkin
1:59 – Yooka Laylee
2:24 – The Escapists 2
2:44 – Cities: Skyline (Windows 10 Edition)
3:14 – Lonely Mountains: Downhill Interview (w/ Anthony Stevens from Thunderful Games)
4:36 – Demon’s Tilt Interview (w/ Ralph Barbagallo from FLARB)
6:05 – Genesis Noir Interview (w/ Ashley Nicollette from Fellow Traveler)
7:52 – Minit
8:09 – The Red Strings Club
8:32 – The Talos Principle
8:52 – Vambrace: Cold Soul
9:22 – State of Mind
9:46 – Dead by Daylight
10:24 – While you wait, games to play today! (Descenders, Bad North, GoNNER, Steamworld Dig 2, Slay the Spire, Enter the Gungeon)

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