Borderlands 3 DX11 benchmarks and performance analysis


We’ve tested dozens of graphics cards and CPUs in Borderlands 3, using the public release code at launch, to see what sort of hardware is needed to run the game at a variety of settings. Borderlands 3 can run fine across a wide range of hardware, though the highest quality settings and higher resolutions will as usual need powerful hardware to reach playable framerates. Full article, including updated testing results, is available here:

Jump codes for the video follow.
GPUs tested on i7-8700K @ 4.9GHz:
1:30 – Settings overview and performance impact
2:39 – 720p very low on integrated AMD and Intel graphics
2:59 – 1080p very low on budget to midrange GPUs
3:09 – 720p/1080p very low GPU performance chart
3:18 – 1080p medium on midrange/mainstream GPUs
3:33 – 1080p medium GPU performance chart
3:51 – 1080p high on midrange to high-end GPUs
4:03 – 1080p high GPU performance chart
4:16 – 1080p ultra on high-end GPUs
4:32 – 1080p ultra GPU performance chart
4:49 – 1440p ultra on high-end/extreme GPUs
5:00 – 1440p ultra GPU performance chart
5:20 – 4K ultra on extreme GPUs
5:29 – 4K ultra GPU performance chart

CPU testing with RTX 2080 Ti:
5:58 – 1080p very low CPU framerate comparison
6:26 – 1080p high CPU framerate comparison
6:42 – 1080p very low through 4K ultra CPU performance charts

Notebook testing with RTX laptops:
7:10 – 1080p high laptop framerate comparison
7:35 – 1080p very low through 1080p ultra laptop performance charts

7:55 – Thanks MSI, closing thoughts

Thanks for watching (and reading this, if you got this far)! Please like and subscribe. Further details regarding DX12 performance are available in the full article. Some things have changed since the video was created.

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