Control benchmarks and performance, with and without ray tracing


Control is the most complete implementation of real-time ray tracing we’ve seen in a game far, and it’s also one of the most demanding games when you crank up the graphics settings. We’ve tested a large collection of GPUs, CPUs, and laptops to see how Control runs, including tests with ray tracing. Is this the new Crysis? Probably not, but it can certainly make your PC components beg for mercy. Read the full article here:

Jump links:
1:36 – Settings overview and performance impact

Graphics card testing on i7-8700K OC:
2:13 – 720p minimum integrated graphics
2:26 – 1080p low budget and midrange GPUs
3:00 – 1080p medium midrange and high-end GPUs
3:48 – 1080p high high-end GPUs
4:34 – 1440p high enthusiast GPUs
5:24 – 4K high extreme GPUs
6:33 – DXR 1080p medium RTX GPUs
7:14 – DXR 1080p high RTX GPUs
7:52 – DXR 1440p high RTX GPUs
8:53 – DXR 4K high RTX GPUs

CPU testing with RTX 2080 Ti:
10:47 – 1080p low
11:10 – DXR 1080p high

Laptop testing:
11:44 – 1080p medium
12:04 – DXR 1080p medium

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