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One time I was playing Just Dance 3 with my friends and in the middle of a heartwarming rendition of “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green I SUPER farted. Like, it was really bad. I cried a little. And now you’re telling me I embarrassed myself not just in front of friends BUT ALSO TOTAL STRANGERS AT MICROSOFT WHO THOUGHT MY FART WAS ME ASKING MY XBOX TO TURN OFF???? COME ON DUDE

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[Vice] Microsoft Contractors Listened to Xbox Owners in Their Homes
[FTC] Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”)
[The Verge] Disney sued for allegedly spying on children through 42 gaming apps
[CBS Philly] Vizio Settles ‘Spying TV’ Lawsuit Filed By NJ Attorney General
[NBC News] Bose Headphones Accused in Lawsuit of Spying on Listeners
[The New York Times] Maker of ‘Smart’ Vibrators Settles Data Collection Lawsuit for $3.75 Million
[CBS News] Facebook paid contractors to listen to your audio chats on its Messenger app
[CNet] Amazon now lets you stop human review of your Alexa recordings
[Xbox] New Approaches to Home and Xbox Voice Commands Roll Out to Xbox Insiders
[Vice] Revealed: Microsoft Contractors Are Listening to Some Skype Calls
[Vice] Microsoft Admits Humans Listen to Skype and Cortana in Privacy Policy Update
[Microsoft] Microsoft Privacy Statement

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