Wolfenstein: Youngblood benchmarks and performance analysis


We’ve tested dozens of graphics cards and CPUs in Wolfenstein: Youngblood to see what sort of hardware is needed to run the game at a variety of settings. Performance in general is good, thanks in part to the Vulkan API, but ray tracing was not available for these tests. Full article here: https://www.pcgamer.com/wolfenstein-youngblood-system-requirements-settings-benchmarks-and-performance-analysis/

Jump codes for the video follow.

GPU testing on i7-8700K OC:
1:32 – Settings overview and performance impact
2:41 – 720p low on integrated AMD and Intel graphics
3:15 – 1080p low on budget to midrange GPUs
4:09 – 720p/1080p low performance chart
4:37 – 1080p high on budget to midrange GPUs
5:15 – 1080p high performance chart
5:50 – 1080p mein leben! on midrange to high-end GPUs
6:28 – 1080p mein leben! performance chart
7:15 – 1440p mein leben! on high-end GPUs
8:01 – 1440p mein leben! performance chart
8:52 – 4K mein leben! on high-end GPUs
9:41 – 4K mein leben! performance chart

CPU testing with RTX 2080 Ti:
10:27 – 1080p low CPU framerate comparison
11:16 – 1080p mein leben! CPU framerate comparison
11:38 – 1080p low through 4K max CPU performance charts

Notebook testing with RTX laptops:
12:16 – 1080p low laptop framerate comparison
12:42 – 1080p mein leben! laptop framerate comparison
13:17 – 1080p low through 1080p max laptop performance charts

13:37 – Thanks MSI, closing thoughts

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